In this page are grouped the projects that can be make available to subscribers. Projects are distributed as is: without warranty or support, without any financial gain, only for educational purposes and to support this website.

First than a project request, please send me an email to know if the requested project is available or not. Only if you receive an affermative response, you can request the project following this 2 points:

Point 1 – conditions

In order to obtain a project, you must send an email with the following declarations:
  • I declare that I’ve read and understood the disclaimer. I know that conditions stated in the disclaimer also applies to the requested project, in particular I declare that I know the requested project is distributed as is and has no warranty, no support, no CE signature and is only intended for educational purposes and personal use.
  • I declare that I will not publish shematics, source codes, or other project-related files/documents on any website, magazine, or other media
  • I declare that I will not use projects from for earning moneys

This declaration is mandatory: if payment is made and declaration isn’t sent, project will be not delivered!

Point 2 – payment

After you’ve sent the email with declaration at point 1, please wait for a reply in which I indicate you the e-mail address where you can make the payment. Only paypal is supported. Prices are generally exposed in the project page. Sender assumes no responsibly for missed packs.

Projects available for international supporters


Development board for PIC 16/32 bit in PDIP format with USB OTG (PIC24FJ64GB002 / PIC24FJ32GB002 / PIC32MX210F016B / PIC32MX220F032B / PIC32MX230F064B / PIC32MX250F128B)


H Bridge for 2 DC brushed motors. 2A/channel
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