AquaGauge DLL

AquaGauge is a dll, written in C# and using GDI+, for making analog dial gauges. You can freely use it in your VB.NET or C# softwares.

Every AquaGauge control has a pointer and a digital display. Digital display can be hidden or show the same value as the pointer or his own value. The control can be fully modified in colors and functionality. Values on the scale can be negative or decimal as well. The number of decimal places can be set from 0 to 2.

AquaGauge was developed in 2007 by Ambalavanar Thirugnanam and distributed on CodeProject. Since source code was available, in 2011 I’ve corrected the bugs and added some other features. You can see a list of modifications to original control in the documents attached with download. Download also contains some documents useful to understand how to use the control.

Since this control is very powerful and distributed for free is only required you include credits to original authors in your software (in the “about” form if your software has one or in the manual or in a text document distributed with your software if your software doesn’t have an about form). You must include following lines without any modifications (please change [at] with @):

This software uses AquaGauge Control by:
Ambalavanar Thirugnanam (ambalavanar.thiru [at]
Bernardo Giovanni (

Here is a demo showing the functionality of AquaGauge control:

For further information you can contact me using this link. There is also a page, in italian language, showing the installation of AquaGauge Control in VB.NET 2008: here. In the page there is also the download of the demo shown in the video (only for subscribed users).

Download DLL – version 2.1

Version 2.1 , (released on 05/02/2011), it’s complete with english language usage manual.

AquaGauge control for .NET (6209 downloads)

Original version from 2007:


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