FUN BitPack

FUN BitPack™ is an expansion board for ORbit16™ that includes:

  • Nokia 3310 LCD, with transistor-controlled backlight
  • Analog Thumb Joystick (2 axes + 1 switch)
  • 2 big switches
  • Active piezo buzzer
  • Led
  • Reset Button
  • I2C and power external connections

This video shows the attached Usage Demo for FUN BitPack:

FUN BitPack™ is suitable for making hand-held videogames such as our “ORbitSnake”, a Snake game version for ORbit16™ (see Below). To enter the bootloader with FUN BitPack attached, use the reset button and the Up Button on the board.


  • Jumper JP1 is used to disconnect the Joystick Button from RB9, since RB9 is used by SDA line of I2C module. So, if you want to use I2C, remove jumper JP1.
  • Some new Nokia LCDs has a different pinout, please check that pinout is the same as shown in the documents of Nokia LCD library before buy it!
  • This BitPack board needs longer male headers to be attached to ORbit16. I’ve used 20mm male headers (17mm minimum needed).

Main Files



A Snake game for ORbit16™ with FUN Bitpack™. Move the snake in the arena using the analog joystick (ORbitSnake can move in oblique directions too!). Eat the food: the snake become more long, more fast. Warning: don’t hit the walls and don’t try to eat yourself! Every some food eaten, lives will increment.

Source code with MPLAB Project and Hex:  ORbit Snake (149 downloads)