Library – Display PCD8544

This library is intended to be used with display based on the Philips PCD8544 controller. This kind of display was used in the mobile phones Nokia 5110 and Nokia 3310. It is very cheap and operates at 3.3V. You can use this display as a text display (14 characters x 6 rows) and/or as graphic display.

WARNING! Some new Nokia LCDs has a different pinout from that showed in this document, please check projects before you buy it!

PCD8544 Display Library for PIC24 (Nokia 5110 and 3310 displays) (236 downloads) PCD8544 Display Library for PIC32 (Nokia 5110 and 3310 displays) (185 downloads) PCD8544 display library usage (241 downloads)


In order to use functions to draw bitmaps and icons you can download the LCD assistant utility from this link. Here is provided a document will you explain the LCD assistant usage with ORbit16™ PCD8544 library:

Using LCDAssistant with ORbit16 PCD8544 display library (313 downloads)


Need an example usage? Here it is !

Here is provided the datasheet of PCD8544 controller if you want to learn more about it:

Datasheet - PCD8544 controller (967 downloads)