Getting Started

ORbit16™ is programmed using powerful, full ANSI-C compliant, MPLAB C30 compiler from Microchip. First, download the latest version of MLAB IDE, the development environment used for MCU from Microchip: Free MPLAB IDE download

Now you need the MPLAB C30 compiler: Free MPLAB C30 compiler download. You must register to Microchip site (is a free registration!) in order to download the compiler. You must download the version named “MPLAB C Compiler for PIC24 and dsPIC Vx.xx”

Now you’ve installed the required software on your PC, you must read some ORbit16™ manuals first to get started. Jumper settings and The bootloader are very important since explain how to properly set-up your brand new ORbit16™ and how to upload your programs. You don’t need a programmer! You need only an USB cable from A to B.

Examples page will be full-filled with a lot of interesting, already cooked, applications.

ORbit16™ Documents Downloads (Board Revision 002A)

ORbit16 User Manual - ITA (doc. rev2) (405 downloads)
High resolution diagrams and schematic (222 downloads)
How to PPS feature with PIC24F on ORbit16 (302 downloads)
How to PPS feature with PIC32MX on ORbit16 (289 downloads)  


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