GPS Viewer – Battery Operated

With this project you can connect a GPS receiver to ORbit16™ and see your coordinates and time/date from satellites on a display. This project is identical to GPS Viewer but uses only Nokia 3310 display and is made to be low power / battery-operated. In this manner is useful for Geocaching purposes.

For further information on connections please read the GPS Viewer project first.

You must do some modifications to ORbit16™ board in order to use this project:

  1. Remove IC1 (7805CV voltage regulator)
  2. Short Input and output of IC1 (are marked with ‘I’ and ‘O’)
  3. Obtain a 3xAA battery holder
  4. Connect the battery holder to X2 external power connector
Now you need a Pickit2 or a Pickit3 to programming the firmware, since this version of GPS Viewer cannot use the USB: the configuration word needs to be modified in order to disable the PLL and the usage of the external crystal. The configuration word of this version of GPS Viewer disables the external oscillators and use the internal oscillator @ 8MHz.
If you want to reload the original bootloader after tried this, there are no problems: you can find it in the Downloads section, but remember to re-solder IC1.

Provided schematic in Eagle format are the same used for GPS Logger project, so S1 is not used in this project. Schematic is to be used with Nokia 3310 LCD and EM406 GPS receiver.

GPS Logger BitPack™ without Nokia LCD. GPS is attached using double-sided tape

GPS Logger BitPack™ with Nokia LCD


GPS Viewer - Battery Operated (128 downloads) GPS Logger Bitpack Schematic (Eagle) (210 downloads)