USB GPS Logger

With the GPS BitPack™, your ORbit16™ can be turned into a professional USB GPS Logger. Insert a thumbdrive into the USB Host connector and push the button to start/stop recording. The ORbit16™ will make 3 files for each log:

  • NMEA.TXT : contains entire $GPRMC sentences from GPS receiver
  • ROUTE.TXT : is a CSV file that contains only date, time, latitude and longitude
  • ROUTE.KML : you can open this file with Google Earth and observe on the map the track you’ve run
The GPS BitPack™ features a Nokia 3310 LCD to display data from GPS and log status. 2 leds shows the activity of the logger: a led shows the thumbdrive access and another the logging status.


Download still not available. Follow the blog to know when will be available.