The Confetti Clock

This project uses no ORbit16™ as main board altough the circuit and the firmware comes from other ORbit16™ projects, such as this. I’ve realized this table clock/calendar with a box of “confetti” (italian word that stays sugar-coated almonds)

Project uses the PIC24FJ64GB002 running with the internal oscillator (8MHz). Secondary oscillator (32768Hz crystal with 2 12pF ceramic capacitors) is used for the internal RTCC. The list of the Saint is loaded in the flash memory of pic24fj64gb002. You must edit the source code if you want to change the waste separation indications or you want to change the Saint list with your own list of Birthdays/anniversaries etc. Code will do automatic calculation for the Easter.

Board is battery-operated, you need 3 x AA batteries. 3 tactile switches act as SET / UP / DOWN for time/date adjust. When you press SET, the item actually edited flashes the with UP/DOWN you can adjust the value. Logic is the same as the previous project using the HD44780 LCD.

Zip file contains the schematic, source code, MPLAB project, pre-compiled HEX and a open office spreadsheet I’ve created for the big chars design.

Here is a gallery with “Confetti Clock” pictures.

The Confetti Clock (114 downloads)

WARNING! Some new Nokia LCDs has a different pinout, please check that pinout is the same as shown in the documents of Nokia LCD library before buy it!