The ORbit16™

ORbit16™ is a development board by Bernardo Giovanni @ based on a PIC24FJ64GB002 , PIC32MX220F032B or PIC32MX250F128B from Microchip.

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ORbit16™ Rev. 2A

PIC24FJ64GB002 PIC32MX220F032B PIC32MX250F128B NEW!
Max CPU Speed 32MHz (FCY=Fosc/2) 40MHz (FCY=Fosc)
Internal OSC 8MHz, 32KHz 8MHz, 32KHz
Architecture 16Bit 32Bit
Flash 64Kb 32Kb 128Kb
RAM 8Kb 8Kb 32Kb
Peripherals 2xSPI, 2xUART, 2xI2C
USB OTG 2.0 Full speed
I/Os up to 21
Capture/Compare/PWM Up to 5
Analog inputs 9 (@500KSPS) 9 (@1100KSPS)

ORbit16™ has the following characteristics:

  • USB Device and USB Host connectors with switch selection
  • Powering from an external power source or from USB device
  • Programmed in full-compliant ANSI-C
  • A lot of interesting programming examples with source code
  • Featured Full-Projects using ORbit16
  • USB Bootloader: you don’t need an external programmer (only for PIC24)
  • It can do many powerful things without the need of external shields!

Ever wanted an easy USB thumbdrive datalogger? With ORbit16™ now you can!