ORbit16 Servo Controller

ORbit16 Servo Controller is a firmware that allows your ORbit16 to control N°10 RC Standard Servos (Analog or Digital) using USB.

Servo signal connections:

Servo N°        PORT
1		A1/P6
2		BP0
3		BP1
4		BP2
5		BP3
6		BP15
7		BP14
8		BP13
9		BP9
10		BP8

Most of servos needs to be powered at 6V. Don’t power servo with the 5V from ORbit16! Firmware controls allows to move servos from 500 to 2500mS but not all servo can handle those values, so if you hear some noise at extreme values, please stop and move the servo to a safe position.

Once you’ve uploaded the firmware on ORbit16 using the bootloader, press the reset button: ORbit16 will be recognized as a new COM port, drivers are included in the download.

A complete manual (italian language) shows the list of the commands. An useful GUI for windows is used to demonstrate the firmware functions. GUI requires the .NET framework 3.5.

ORbit16 Servo Controller Firmware (133 downloads)

ORbit16 Servo Controller GUI (121 downloads)

ORbit16 Servo Controller Manual (170 downloads)

This video shows how this project works:

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