Library – OLED display SSD1306

This library is intended to be used with display UG-2864 based on the SSD1306 controller. This kind of display operates at 3.3V and has a resolution of 128×64 pixels. You can use this display as a text display (16 characters x 8 rows with a font 8×8, or 21 characters x 8 rows with a 6×8 font) and/or as graphic display. Library is the same for PIC32 and PIC24FJ. There are 2 standard fonts: 8×8 and 5×8 (6×8). Only one of this font you can select in the oled.h file. The big font (16×16) has only numbers and simbols. If you want to use the big font, you must enable the USE_BIG_FONT define. Font switching is made by setting the oled_font variable first than use a write function. oled_font=0 or oled_font=FONT_STD use the standard font (8×8 or 5×8). oled_font=1 or oled_font=FONT_BIG use the big font (16×16). By setting to 1 the oled_inverted variable first than a write function, made the writing to be inverted (negative).

OLED library (406 downloads)

In order to use functions to draw bitmaps and icons you can download the LCD assistant utility from this link. Here is provided a document will you explain the LCD assistant usage with ORbit16™ PCD8544 library, it’s good for the OLED library too:

Using LCDAssistant with ORbit16 PCD8544 display library (313 downloads)

Need an example usage? Here it is !

Here are provided some datasheets for the SSD1306 controller and UG-2864 display if you want to learn more about it:

SSD1306 and UG-2864 datasheets (341 downloads)